Our Company

From start, AT Tech founders have used their extensive experience of working within Health Care setting to innovate using health care technology and information, our team has wide ranging clinical, operational management, technical and training expertise which helps understanding our customer and population challenges.

Our Story

With our head office in London, AT Technology Services Ltd (AT Tech) works in partnership with AT Medics – one of the largest Primary Care providers in London enabling technology based solution within health care settings.

Our solutions enable our customers to build operational efficiencies and resilience, proactive healthcare delivery and optimisation of clinical outcomes, whilstproviding deep insight to population health and health economics.

We aim to transform the way in which care is delivered to patients, to enhance access and to improve clinical resilience by leveraging technology. Our health tech solutions are designed to support care delivery within the NHS and other healthcare settings.

With grass roots in UK NHS, we’ve developed our tech solutions within NHS primary care and we are technology providers to over 1,000 NHS GP Practices across the UK. Our dedicated development and customer support teams enable us to provide rapid and agile response to demands, and our association with AT Learning means we can deliver our technology together with proven and sustainable change management programmes.


AT Medics have implemented our (AT Tech) solutions across 37 GP practices in London with the population size of over 250,000. This includes use within GP surgeries and GP Access Hubs, as well as clinical commissioning groups (CCG’s) across UK.

AT Tech we believe that technology is needs to be more than a new IT systems, it needs to provide efficiencies for providers and patients when they need it most. Our products are build using our hands on experience of delivering services, learning from customer requirements in enhancing.

Who we are

AT Tech Services Ltd. is a UK based organisation focused on providing healthcare solutions via technology, systems, and consultancy to our customers in the UK, Asia and the Middle-East. We provide a range of quality systems for the Health and Social Care sector within both the NHS and Private sector.


What we offer

We design and develop user centered digital products for Web and Mobile platforms. We offer the design, development, and consulting services necessary to create cutting-edge technological solutions allowing healthcare to perfectly meet your unique business needs.