How we work

Small but growing team which excels in working on difficult requirements into easy to use solutions – organisation which has learning, collaboration and communication within its core values.



Before we start project development, we gather, analyse, and specify requirements through our thorough story boarding process. This process includes stakeholder meetings and interviews, user observation, workshops, brainstorming, use cases, and prototyping. We define the objectives for the products, what needs to be accomplished, and how the product should be used.



Having identified requirements and defined out comes for the projects, we follow specific architecture and design guidelines to combat those requirements. By addressing these challenges in the design stage, we prevent those challenges from making it into our software during development.



AT Tech together with our customers, we conduct feasibility analysis to test if the proposed solutions in the light of its workability, meeting user’s requirements, effective use of resources and of course, the cost effectiveness. Covering Economic, operational, organisational, technical and social feasibility.


Desiging User

Our products development cycle ensures that UX design focuses on solving users’ needs in the most efficient way.

We develop wireframes to solve these needs.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • UX research
  • Prototyping


User Interface Design

AT Tech we follow human-centered approach to design. We focus on the end user and deliver products they would enjoy using. If it’s a web solution, it will be responsive to fit all products. If it’s a mobile app, it will provide users with experiences native to their platforms.

Our UI design process includes:

  • UI design
  • Responsive design
  • Graphic design
  • Usability research and evaluation
  • Design review
  • Deliverable: a fully designed product



We use standardised software development lifecycle, secure coding standards are adopted to ensure we defend against the most common, critical vulnerabilities and risks identified during the requirements and analysis stage. As well as reviewing code to ensure it has the features and functions specified, our team are trained to look for vulnerabilities in their code.



We use testing methodologies for software, such as BDD (Behavior-driven development) and TDD (Test-driven development) and follow extreme programming methodology to eliminate situations that may compromise product quality.

Our QA process includes the following testing types:

  • Unit
  • Regression
  • Functional
  • Acceptance
  • Load
  • Security
  • Transaction
  • Deliverable: a fully-tested working product


Build &

AT Tech has dedicated team in ensuring our solutions are building & maintained in line with our customers’ requirements, its vital element of testing cycle to ensure solutions are fit for requirements agreed, configured in line with specification and supported at all stage of its deployment.